Belgian Open 2020
12 - 13 september 2020

The following divisions may be offered at the Belgian open (if 4 or more players register in the division). All players must be current PDGA members in order to register and play the event.

Open (MPO) All players eligible, regardless of age or gender 70

Women (FPO) All female players eligible, regardless of age 70€

Master (MP40+) All players born 1980 or earlier, regardless of gender 70

Grandmaster (MP50+) All players born 1970 or earlier, regardless of gender 70

Senior Grandmaster (MP60+) All players born 1960 or earlier, regardless of gender 70

Junior (MJ1) All players born 2002 or later, regardless of gender 40

Advanced Men (MA1) 60

Advenced Women (FA1) 60€

The entry fees for the doubles are 10€ per pair and must be paid when registering at the headquarters

The prize money will be divided among the best 33% of the field il all pro divisions.

100% payout for the top 3 pairs.

Hole in one:
HIO is played throughout the competition.
The prize money for the HIO: 100€

Closest to the pin:
CTP is played during the saturday rounds and the first round on sunday on hole 18. If a hole in one is made on the CTP hole, it will count as a hole in one, and not as a CTP.
The prize money for the CTP: 100€

Thursday september 10th 
The course is open for practice.

Friday september 11th 
12:00 Registration open.
12:00 Start doubles, 1X18 holes, best shot.

Saturday september 12th
First round: All players play a mixed first round.
Second round: players must be sorted and grouped by division and score.

07:45 Players Meeting
08:00 Pick up scores cards
08:15 Start round 1
12:15 Lunch
13:15 Pick up scores cards
13:30 Start round 2

Sunday september 13th
Third round: All players play the third round ranked per division.

07:45 Pick up scores cards
08:15 Start Round 3
11:45 Lunch
12:45 Pick up scores cards
13:00 Departure finals
16:00 Prize ceremony

Sudden deaths
Sudden deaths are played to resolve ties before finals and/or ties trophy candidates in all divisions.
Sudden deaths are played on hole 1,18,16. If a winner isn't found after these three holes, there is a CTP on hole 16.

Final holes
Par 34
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